Episode 1: Greg Hall And The Newcastle Earthquake

This is the first episode of “This Australian Life”. I walk and talk in Australia and listen to fascinating stories. I believe that everybody has a story to tell. And I want to hear and share them all!

As a German who moved in 2019 to Australia, many things are still new to me. And this is a great chance to explore both the Australian way of life and my German perception of the Australian culture.

In this episode, I meet Greg Hall. Greg is a mate of mine, a fellow Lunatick. As a journalist he covered the Newcastle Earthquake in 1989 and moved to Newcastle in 1993. We meet in the bustling neighbourhood of Hamilton, where the earthquake hit hardest. Greg takes us back to the 28.December 1989, when he reported on the earthquake. Also, we talk about Australia’s and Newcastle’s history and how Newcastle has changed after the earthquake. I loved listening to him. He’s a walking book.

We started in Beaumont street, which was quite loud. After a few minutes we turned into a more quiet side street with some screeching birds around us. Call it atmospheric: listen to us, all these cars around us, an urgent ambulance and the traffic lights ticking away. After all, it is “This Australian Life!”


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